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i will laugh right in the face of the poison moon [entries|friends|calendar]
candied-cain and break-abel

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blah [29 Sep 2003|12:17am]
some spanish girl told me i was "muy estupido" and then continued to laugh at me.

set a new record... seven housewives are getting killed by their husbands tonight. or was it eight? either way... some housewives are goin down!

had a associate meeting thing tonight... didn't get to hang out with josh. yeah, this week has been really really annoying.

alright... so... this new costello album... fuck me... i hate it so much. i don't understand what he was doing... fuck.

bowie is not coming to florida for his stupid tour.

so pissed at it all

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[27 Sep 2003|10:53pm]
[ mood | i don't believe in moods ]

alright... well... just to top this week off of being sick, missing work, reciprocating mean words on two accounts, fucked up friday, 10$ worth of gas... my car stops moving. yep.

apparently tis the alternator... i wasn't aware my car had an alternater... someone told lucy that my car didn't have a carburetor (ashley, lucy... remember that? what a fun day). all of these big car words... goddamnit. so, i need to get my alternator fixed... does anyone know how to do this?

"HA! Le Gourmet Chef... i love it how the only the first word is french"
-some kid walking by my work speaking far too loudly


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[27 Sep 2003|12:58pm]
alight, i guess i should update... *grumble*.

alright... so, my mother writes me this letter that is sort of
"dear andrew, i love you, you have so much potential, i pray for you every day... but i don't really like you." then she goes on to list reasons... which, really, is just because i am not a christian and whatnot...

so, i write a letter back that says
"your bible says that you are suppose to love everybody... so, i'm not impressed by that."

and now things are very... superficial... the way one gets around subtle enemies who are friends with some of his friends... you know?

umm... last night... yeah.. i can't even talk about last night... twas soooo disturbing yet fun. fistmycoven was able to talk a little more about it... holy god... murray hill theatre is kind of like going to hell and watching mulholland drive... and then having people from mulhulland drive try to tell you how normal they are... as the dry ice clouds choke you to death and that caffeine starts to wear off.

it was too much for words... and too horrible to even like as a joke... kind of like the b52s... only real.

well... off to work... sorry this entry is useless.
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[25 Sep 2003|12:00am]
[ mood | i want to watch rushmore, now. ]

today was amusing and somehow refreshing

i have had "son of a preacher man" in my head all day... i saw that girl josh is dating yesterday and she reminds me of that song...
i like kristin a lot... but she is a threat to andrew-josh time... hmm


ashley ditched me to go hang out with calculus... i am going to have to kill him in a jealous rage.

but, i hung out with daniel and it was much fun with pool and pingpong

saw one of my favourite people, kim, downtown... made my day.

and, oh yes... my mother decided to throw one of my cd's away... yeah... i left it on the table when i went downstairs to find a permanent marker... and she threw it away. i wasn't pissed... just sort of "wh...what? what are you doing? stop that" (good ol andrew/lucy style... you know how we roll... or, lucy does anyhow.) so... ashley... i now have to reburn this goddamn cd for you.

the only one who could reach me... was the sun of a preacher man...

tomorrow... the gang violence community on lj will be up... WOO!!!
(more info cumming)

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[24 Sep 2003|12:20am]
yes well, today kicked a lot of ass.

tonight kind of went downhill... and then the car exploded toward the end of the hill and i might have set it on fire... and as it was burning i might have started hitting it with a baseball bat... and then when all said and done... i might have felt like someone who just swallowed a huge part of his world because pride tasted good enough to savour... and then like i might have felt like a kid who ran away after hitting his best friend.

i don't know. blah. fuck me.
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[23 Sep 2003|02:45am]
just so there

ain't no mistakes,

this is my show.
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[22 Sep 2003|01:52pm]
title or description

my creative writing teacher (hate that fuckin class) made us write a response to a picture from "the mysteries of harris burdick"... an exersise i have done many times. i need it to be longer...

help.Collapse )
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[21 Sep 2003|11:37pm]
if someone doesn't like me, i really don't care if they are alive or dead.
i don't sleep enough.
i don't regret much of anything in life...
...one of the things i do regret is apologizing when i didn't do anything worth an apology
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[21 Sep 2003|10:56pm]
burn like fire, burn like fire and cairo


and if you had a problem you should have slit my throat because now i gotta gun and i know the way you feel and you gonna know i be pissed when theres a bullet in that pretty head. i believe in two things... one of them is jesus and the other isn't you. so i suggest you start runnin muthafucka befow this benadryl wears off.

every second of today sucked.

"someone sounded like they had been drinking and someone called someone else a faggot."
-lucy's mom


the radio at work was playing "stuck inside of mobile with the memphis blues again." and i was singin to it and this guy asks "do you know who this is."

well, i answered "mr zimmerman."

he informed me that it was actually bob dylan...

i wish i had some knowledge of music.

and if you had a problem you should have slit my throat because now i gotta gun and i know the way you feel and you gonna know i be pissed when theres a bullet in that pretty head. i believe in two things... one of them is jesus and the other isn't you. so i suggest you start runnin muthafucka befow this benadryl wears off.
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yesyes [19 Sep 2003|11:47am]
i haven't updated in a while... been in a pissy mood and all. and, no, i have nothing to say. so, um...

skinny puppy got 26th in "the fifty worst bands of all time" review in...blender? was it? yep... the spin doctors(#44) are apparently better than skinny puppy. yesyes... and what is there worst album?
not the process...
not even something like bites...

too dark park

are blender and me the only ones that hate spasmolytic and tfwo and morpheus laughing and reclamation and, like, every track on that album.


alright... so, david bowie is releasing yet another album... and, no, he did not tour for heathen. he is playing in nyc on the 15th of december. fuck him.

dmx's new album coming soon
a perfect circle? aren't they coming out with another cd?... hmm...

party on bridge street?
cafe11 with music..south, against me, =/..and most of my friends?


too dark park is such a great album...

yesyes... i still am in a pissy mood.

oh yeah,

henry miller... don't know the book.
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[15 Sep 2003|01:25am]
goddamnit i am pissed off... i am not sure at what.

this old couple came into my work and the old guy was looking pouty and the old lady was touching magnets that respond to being touched and she said "aww, listen to this one [loud random phone noises]... too cute." and the guy says "I HATE THINGS THAT MAKE NOISE"...

yeah, i feel like him. a lot.

you suck
fuck you
and kiss my ass.

i am glad none of my friends are online... i would probably be a total dick... yeah, you know how i roll.

(thecapitalsohyesthefreshndoubleop dodoublegydodoublegyasee)
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daaaammmmmmmmmmn [13 Sep 2003|08:15pm]
my parents are pissed off bout somethin. "we want to talk to you, so plan on talking to us for 15 or 20 minutes before you leave for work." and they are being all supa-pissy towards me. not that i care... but, tis a pain in my ass.
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[13 Sep 2003|02:33am]
i was doing so well
being content standing still
but if i had to do it all over
i’d just bitch about having to do it again

cause i’ve got just enough morals
to be working in retail
but just enough time
to sit under water

watching the days drift by
like dreams at dawn

and i have nothing more to say cause i’m fuckin tired.
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hmm... [13 Sep 2003|01:04am]
"you don't know me... but i read your livejournal" hmm... i have mixed feelings bout that one.

hung out with a large group of short people and than ashley and lucy. then, i just hung out with lucy and ashley which was quite nice. love you guys.

yeah, well... not much too say... i am kind of in an odd mood. sort of waiting, sort of not caring, sort of a lot of things.
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and someone says "you're in the wrong place my friend... you'd better leave" [08 Sep 2003|11:33pm]
[ mood | all the things you are(powell) ]

these last few days were kind of weird... nothing weird happened... i just kept having weird feelings.

i felt like i had accomplished something great after watching rocky horror. i don't know why.

some fat, gay, mumu clad greek men came into my work and asked for salad spinners... holy god... and noone was around to make immature salad tossing jokes. damnit.

some old lady wanted to know if "i" had any utensils for retarted kids... and no one was around to make retard jokes about giving the lady a butcher knife or something.

i realized that i have a habit of looking at people that i don't know until they look away... i wasn't really aware until this girl came into my work and apparently had the same habit.

she came into my store and i said "hello, how are you?" and then we made eye contact and she whispered "fine"... i froze because i was use to people looking away after saying "fine." so, we just sort of looked at each other. and she just held this pleasant smile... but it was sort of a "i am going to fuck you up... and you have no idea... cause i know you just froze" smile as well. by the time i understood what was going on she had wandered off and i found her and asked if she need help finding anything and we entered into a staring competion again... i didn't know if i wanted to kiss her or slit her throat

...we do sell some amazing knifes in that store, tho... holy god...

then, i felt funny so i went and sat in the back room and smoked. i hope she stays away from my fuckin store.

i have had this feeling all day that something is going to change in my life... some sort of interesting change... i hope something does happen. i'm getting bored

(not to be confused with free basing hard drugs)

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[07 Sep 2003|01:15am]
[ mood | dmx - aint no sunshine ]

i love piano in rap music... probably why i like dmx so much. almost as much as the jazzrap fusion dj spooky stuff.... mmmmm.

had a wonderful day.

first of all... talked to my two best friends last night and it made me soooo happy that both of them seemed to be having a great time. and than i went to sleep and could actually sleep without those fucked up dreams and woke up feeling rested.

THEN. i was at work and we were closing and i looked up and saw ashley high standing behind the close down bars and was happy. then, i lucy appeared and i was super happy and we had a blast... benches and swings and other cool things. very nice.

so, life is good. josh is coming up next weekend... i did blow a tire today on 16 and sat for a long while. but, tis cool because now one of my tires is half the size of the others and i make fun of it.

tim, your baby is goin dooooown.

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but only if you want to live [05 Sep 2003|01:05am]
yeah, today kind of sucked.

wanted to call anna but my father was on the computer and so i didn't know the number... and now it is all late. blah.

goddamn, blues is sweet. mance lipscomb is so fucking cool.

made a friend today all by myself. played pingpong and shit. badass.... i guess. scares the hell out of me tho when i don't know someones name but they know mine... i don't know... she works at turtles music and i fill out endless slips there regarding selling my cds... i don't know.


my dreams are being rather depressing now. it is hard to explain because it makes so much sense in my dreams but doesn't really in real life.

alright... know when you have a dream about getting something and get kind of disappointed when you wake up?

but, instead of having something i have someone. and i don't know how i have that person but i guess i just know they are there and are not going anywhere... then i wake up and am sad as hell because they are not there... i have been having those dreams.

but, last night i had that sort of dream only i didn't know the person in real life. but i did in my dream. and then, when i woke up, i didn't have them.

and it was depressing as fuck waking up only to lose something i never even had.


sorry if i am dumb.
and i am

heathen comes on...
thanks bowie.

"waiting for something
looking for someone
is there no reason?
have I stared too long?"
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glenn miller is so silly. [03 Sep 2003|10:55pm]
well, someone tried to burn down the nike store on my first day of working at le gormet chef... such a cool shop. oh, anna, my father is super anti-LettingAndrewDriveToNewYork. so, i think i might look at how much trains and shit cost... busses(boo)... plane tickets, you know... BLAH!!! i wonder if he would object to hitchhiking?

more fucked up dreams last night... actually more just depressing.
i don't know why i didn't come

fuck norah jones. i hate that slut.
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we did our own graves... JESUS CHRIST... the lord... save us now [02 Sep 2003|01:45am]
alright... i have mixed feeling about today... very mixed.

hung out with kerron... that was good.
went to comp... sucked.
looked for jobs... sucked.
found a job... good.
sat at backstreets and read... mediocre
talked with dane w. for sooo long... good.
hung out with rachael... i don't know...

she said i seemed old and i didn't smile as much as i use to...

...is there a gun to my back

"hey... is tonight a good night at backstreets?"
"a good night for what?"
"raping every girl i see"
...yes, i was puzzled by this... no wonder i avoid that goddamn place.

i can't sleep at all
these dreams are killing me.

i am going to have to stop hanging out with you people unless you shape up in my dreams.
no more coke
no more sex
no more nailing people to walls
no more mutilation
no more seduction
no more dying



-not fuckin finished-
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troubles in my dreams again. [01 Sep 2003|01:10am]
i have "i don't know why i didn't come" stuck in my head. i hate that fuckin song. it gets stuck in my head every time i hear it and it was in this dream i had a few nights back... last night? i have no clue... they all run together.

some random kid cuts open about a two cup bag full of cocaine and it spills onto this glass table and the guy gives ashley and me straws and the three of us start snorting all of this... and it was scary because i was dreaming this and it took sooo long because there was sooo much of it and we weren't stopping at all... and then our noses started bleeding and running serenely with the coke and we sniffed that too... and then it stopped. ashley and i kicked this other kid out and then there was dancing and a lot of blood and everything was yellow and norah jones and lesbian sex and violence and rooftops and running and a lot of drugs and more sex.

who is fucking with my dreams?
i will kill you.

so, lucy and i are going to have a prom if anyone wants to come... pledge of our homemade absinthe (woo!) and abortion stands... and the dj spins coathangers he gets from the tuxedo renters. and the bags fill up with foetus for yer lil grab bag door present.

"if you took a pledge of abstinence on prom... an abortion is about as much fun as fucking"... it just makes better stories...

yeah, wanna know why my dreams are so fucked up?
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