candied-cain and break-abel (thewaytoblue) wrote,
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no subject

no event

no connections

no things personal
no extraodinary spark that would leave me to believe collective traits exist that could be at the very least interpreted as something more than useless, something more than nothing something more than nothing something more than nothing something more than nothing
i want a different translation
or a different chapter
in a different book
in a different genre

or a different form of communication

i don't care about the details
the characters have no interest to me
and the plot is meaningless

and now that you've talked about thinking about slitting your wrist,
finished every last fucking book about some fucked up kid
and convinced all your friends you related to him
middleamerica has sent you your plaque for emo-streetcred
now you are just as boring as your image is trite
i did like the way your fingers twitched
that time in my room you held his gun to your head
(nail polish hitting the white light just right)
you should've... you'd be a lot more interesting

but, as always, the problem is symmetry
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