candied-cain and break-abel (thewaytoblue) wrote,
candied-cain and break-abel

!!party tonight!! other news...
the ted kennedys make their first song...

this is not the lovecats
and we are not the cure
lovecats make andrew sneeze
and they shit on patrick's floor
we hate the fucking lovecats
we also hate thom yorke
lovecats get stoned at our house
and they bend up all our forks
we stand out on the porch
we smoke and we talk shit
while the lovecats eat our goddamn food
and we act OK with it
and on... tis a wonderful song (i forget most of it) other news...

reality executives making first appearence in folioweekly...
how cool

i am working at the bunnery... you come say hello to
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