candied-cain and break-abel (thewaytoblue) wrote,
candied-cain and break-abel

i'll turn the light out now cause there's nothing more to see

and it's all been lost before so there's nothing to lose

well, damn i am in a pissy mood. not in a bad mood tho.
read at that open mic night thing at that coffee house... twas nice. umm... shit... i have nothing to say.

three 14yr olds approached me and wanted to know what marquis de sade's justine was about... and then made jokes about me raping them... and then we got in trouble with the police.

cafe 11 kicked josh and me out the other day... and, even tho i decided i wasn't going back, i did... my pretend obsession is working there again... portishead ripoff band and some other decent band with shite vocals...

am seeing kill bill tonight with patrick and some random neurotic fuck named andrew with a large vocabulary who doesn't like sacrilegious jokes and doesn't dig girls too much and isn't a huge fan of homosexuality but is fine with homosex...if that makes sense... this kid is sketchy as hell.

there are many bad things in this world.
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